Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Fun

This past weekend we met Matt's family at Joe Pool Lake for the day.
Here's a picture of me and my sweet baby...
She went off-roading in her stroller... she slept through it.
Here is Ella and her PaPa.
...and her Nana

She enjoyed swinging...
...and sleeping in my arms.
Here she is in her Aggie outfit. She was VERY cute in it. Her daddy was proud.
on that note.........Sic 'em bears!!
Gotta stay true to my green and gold!
Here is Uncle Andy with Ella and cousin Grady.
"Hey.. those sunglasses look like fun!"
Love this kid...
Hat courtesy of her Memere.
Ralph Lauren dress courtesy of our friend Dina.
This kid is so silly... I keep finding her like this in the mornings.
She loves to wiggle around her crib and sleep in crazy positions.
This is a result of sleeping with her head crammed up against her bumper pad...
This is Ella's bed at work.
I came in the room to find her bear peeking over the side...
Where did the baby go??
Oh, there she is!
(another cute outfit courtesy of Dina)
I came in her room this morning to find her playing peekaboo with her bear.
Seriously, have you seen crazier hair??
What a kid!!

Good night all!

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