Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally..........Ella Yvonne Throne!!

Well, I figure since she is turning 5 months old, it's time to blog!

Here is our precious baby girl...
Ella Yvonne
Born on December 1, 2010
7 lbs 12 oz and 19 3/4" long
It didn't take long for me to get pregnant, but it sure took a while to get her into this world!
I was admitted and induced at 8:00pm on Wednesday and she was born Thursday at 11:05pm.
That's right, 27 hours.... thankfully I wasn't in pain for that whole time since my labor actually started at noon on Thursday. She was not ready to make her appearance! Had I not been induced, I think she would have stayed cooking in the oven for awhile longer. Unfortunately, I had a lot of complications. I lost a lot of blood right after she was born, which was excruciatingly painful. They knocked me out with drugs immediately after she was born, so it was TWO HOURS before I got to meet and hold my sweet baby girl for the first time.

Here is Daddy holding Ella for the first time!
Weird thing is I could hear everything going on in the room, but because of my medications,
I could not open my eyes, talk or even move. Very weird feeling!
Santa Baby!
What a wonderful Christmas present!

Below are some of her one month photos.
What a job it is to have a photo shoot with a little baby!
I was worn out!!

The outfit below was also her take-me-home.

I LOVE being a mommy!
Though it can be tiring or stressful at times, I wouldn't change it for a minute!
The Lord has truly blessed us.

She really is a good baby and a good sleeper.
We suffered with colic and a gassy tummy early on, but thankfully that phase didn't last long!

I've been extremely blessed because I get to bring her to work with me.
I was able to move to a private office (shared with my mom) where we have her cradle, swing, exersaucer and toys. So I sit at my desk and work while she naps or plays.
There are definitely days it's hard to get much work done, but thankfully, her Memere, Pepere and my best friend (and co-worker) are lots of help! Her Gran-Memere also visits often and even "Mr. Mitch" will entertain her from time to time. It's very nice always having someone around to entertain your child so you can do simple things like eating lunch and going to the bathroom! I'm very grateful to have my mom there to help out when I'm typing claims, answering phone calls, helping out at the front desk and tending to other patient matters.
I love you, mom! Thanks for being my mom, my helper and very best friend!

Speaking of moms...and grandmothers...
Here are FOUR generations! What a blessing!
Gran-Memere, Memere, Mommy and Ella

I will try not to let five months go by before posting again!
By the time I get home from work, it's time to feed, bathe and put her to bed.
I barely have time to eat dinner, shower and watch a recorded show before an early bed time!
An early bed time is key to a mommy's survival! ;)