Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to the "ERS"!

Welcome to the ERS!! The last four months of the year are always my favorite. I love them and here's why...........

I got my tickets in the mail this week... soooo exciting! I'm also looking forward to taking Andrew to his first hockey game as part of his June Bday gift! I'm also looking forward to having new seats this year. After 3-4 years of season seats, I FINALLY have AISLE seats and I also bumped back two rows so I would have abnoxious people behind me any more!

Here is my NEW turkey that I bought last night.
I love him! He has "Happy Harvest" written all over him.
When I told Matt I bought a turkey, he told me if we couldn't eat it I had to take it back. =(
Funny, but he's not going back!

Here is Nala by the new turkey. She's staring intently at the bird.
We moved the bird this week over near the fireplace, so now
Nala can get some height now to keep an eye on Marty.
Speaking of my little devil... here are some random pics of her.
I've had her for 6 years THIS month. Crazy how time flies!
Matt doesn't "get" her or having any cat by that means, but I love her so much!

Here she is staring at my iPhone with crazy cat eyes.

I love my Kitty-Kat!!
(but not as much as she loves SHOES..especially Matt's dirty work boots *makes face*)

So finally, I "started" a project that I have had on my list for a few months now.
We swapped our guest rooms. This room is a little bigger so we wanted to have it for our "guest room" since the other one is mainly an extra/workout room. I also thought since the other room had a big window it would be more inviting to get on the elliptical (not the case this week anyways). But hey, I've been swimming 3-5 days a week so I don't feel so bad.

This is my girly, pink and "flowery" guest room. I love it!
Still a work in progress...

For the first time since I've been married, I finally get to hang my L collection.
We haven't ever really had a good spot.. now we do! Yay for L's!
Here are some of them. I have the other frame that will have a couple,
and then I will need one more frame for the rest.
I started this collection my freshman year at Baylor.

That's all for now! We rearranged our living room some, but I had laundry on the couch, so I didn't want to share pics just yet. ;) I also have on our "to-do" list to add some decoration to our kitchen. I've been collecting "red" kitchen stuff to go above our cabinets for a while now.
I can't wait! It won't be long til the thanksgiving and christmas decorations come out.
AND.. I gotta get going on christmas shopping... my mom and I wrap presents on Halloween!