Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet Marty

Meet the newest addition to the Throne family. This is Marty, a parakeet. We are on a 14-day "trial" run. If something doesn't work out, we can return it. So far she's hasn't made a peep, a mess or anything! Watch, day 15 she will probably turn into some evil bird! What's funny is that this bird is cheaper than our last goldfish! Here is my new frog by the pond. I've had it a while now, but haven't posted a picture yet.

Here's a cute picture of Isaac in his Memere's new rocking chair. He loved it!

Here is Isaac in his Memere's new airplane! How fun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend my parents, Matt and I went to Fitchburg (near Boston) to visit my dad's side of the family. It was a short trip, and there were lots of people to see, but we had a great time!

My Grampy is pictured below giving a speech on Monday at a Memorial Day ceremony. He is a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge.... we are all so very proud of him!

Below is my cousin Travis (who is a Marine and will be going to Iraq soon), my dad, my Gramps, my cousin Brad, and my Uncle Mark.
Here we are with my Grammy and Grampy!
Here's a picture of their house, but looking through the car window =)

Every Memorial Day, my Auntie Susie and Uncle Dom have everyone over for a HUGE family cookout. They have a beautiful house on a beautiful lot, with a swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, bocce court, kids playground, and a pond with ducks! So much excitement! This year there were 54... yes FIFTY FOUR people there (six kids). And not all the family was there. We had a great time and GOOD food!

We squeezed in some site seeing over the weekend. Our first trip was to Coggshall Park.


I like this picture below because my dad looks like a midget. There were lots of HUGE rocks.

We also went to the Old Mill. It's a restaurant, gift shop, and has beautiful scenery! This is where my parents got engaged.

Quack quack! I took LOTS of pictures of ducks this weekend... I thought I'd save you all and just post a couple ;)

Here is a very old cemetary we drove through. My dad used to work here as a kid mowing and digging. We decided to get out and look around at all the old headstones. Majority died in the 1800's, but there were some that died in the 1700's. This is a very old city!
The one below reads "James Reed - Born at Woburn 1723. In various military scenes in which is country was concerned from 1755 to the superiour conflict distinguished in our history as the REVOLUTION. He sustained Commissions. In that Revolution at the important post of Lake George he totally lost his sight. From that period to his death he received from his country the retribution allowed to pensioners of the rank of Brigadier General died at Fitchburg, February 13th, 1807." Matt looked him up and found out more about him..
Abraham Bennett... soldier of the Revolution, died July 25, 1833
George W. Phillips - died Nov. 6, 1863.

If you've never walked a cemetary, you should... it's very touching, especially one so old and that holds so many soldiers that died serving our country.
New England is very different from Texas...the roads and architecture. I DO NOT like the crazy roads but I DO like the homes! Here are a few I wish I could move to Texas!

My dad's old high school...
We even found time this weekend to sneak off to an antique store... I found me a grinder with a RED lid....
A fireking bowl with RED kitchen designs....
AND a mixer WITH the pitcher (you NEVER find them with the pitcher/bowl).. with a RED handle! so fun to find treasures! They will go great in my kitchen!

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Friday!

This is very exciting! It's my first week to join Kelly's Korner ( for the "Show Us Where You Live FRIDAY." Every week you get to see and share pictures of different rooms. This week was the DINING ROOM. Last week was GUEST ROOM so of course I had to catch up on it too!

Here's our dining room! My dining room table I got from my parents several months ago. They were getting a new one, so I bought there old one. It's fun because it's the one I grew up with!

I love our high ceilings and the beam!

Here is my valance... my mom bought these for me for Christmas... I LOVE them! I'm thinking about getting some of the fabric for my seat cushions.

I LOVE my teapot collection! We just put this shelf up a couple weeks ago, and haven't quite perfected it just how I want it, but here it is!

Here's my corner cabinet from Waxahachie.

And our wedding cake topper! It is displayed in my corner cabinet. It's a firefighter holding a bride and I LOVE it! It's made of crystal and has silver detail.

Our collection of calendar plates. Matt's are the top row (1983). Mine are on the bottom (1984). I always thought it was funny that one of his plates is a dinosaur plate and mine is puppy dogs... very appropriate and very cute.

My hutch came from G0lightly's and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I recently bought the decorative piece sitting on top and just haven't hung it yet.

Here is my China...

I missed last Friday, but I still had to show my guest rooms! This is my favorite bed. I found it at Shabbytiques in Waco right before I graduated from BU... my mom bought it for me and gave it to me for my birthday that year. I love this room because it's extra girly and fun! This is where all "my" furniture went after we got married. Matt's went to his office, but he'd say I've slowly gotten rid of all his stuff now ;)

My collection of L's. I have many more, but haven't hung them up yet.

Thanks, Mom for making my window valance!

This is where my diploma hangs... sic em bears!

Here is the stain glass window my mom gave me for my birthday (I sure am blessed to have a mom with such great taste!) I haven't hung it yet either... it's a pink flower.

Here is my old computer desk. I moved my computer and I'm in the process of craigslisting this desk... so if anyone is interested let me know!

Our other "guest" room is really a random room right now. It's more of a workout room with a bed... we have an elliptical machine and a shabby locker for our weights, etc.

This locker came from Golightly's.

This is my old twin bed. I haven't decided the decorating theme I want yet, so it's just an empty mattress. One day this room will be cute, and when it is, I will be sure to share the pics!

We recently redecorated our bathroom and I just got the shower curtain and towel bar put up. I had to put pics so my family could see!

That's all! We are headed to Boston for the weekend to be with family. Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend!