Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy 5 Month Birthday to My Baby Girl!

I can't believe she is growing so fast! It's bittersweet! Part of me wishes she could stay a baby forever, the other part of me looks forward to watching her grow and develop. Last post was her introduction, but now I figure it's time to catch us up to date! There are lots of pics, so I figured I'd start with the most recent and work our way back in case you lose interest along the way! =)

Ella on her five month birthday, today!

Ella loves her pink bunny from Nana and PaPa.
She enjoys holding (and chewing) its ears!
Ella's first Easter!
Watching her cousins hunt Easter eggs!
On Good Friday we went to Iredell to be with Matt's family. Ella had a good time with her Nana, PaPa, Uncle Andy, Aunt Angela and her cousins, Owen and Grady.
Here is Daddy and Ella- she's sporting her cousin's Rangers hat... GO RANGERS!
At 4 1/2 months she found her feet!
Here she is sucking her big toe.. silly girl.
At 4 1/2 months, she also got her first cold. =( Here's a pic of my sick baby mesmerized by my fish aquarium screen saver. What a sweet profile.
Cute but sick baby!

Ella and a screwdriver!
I was trying to tell her Daddy, no DIY in church clothes!

Ella visiting Daddy at work for the first time!
She's so proud of her daddy!
Ella looking cute in her pink hat thanks to Nana and PaPa.
She's definitely a Throne... she wears a hat and doesn't even try to take it off!
Her daddy is ALWAYS in a hat.

Here is a family pic on February 13 for Baby Dedication at Church.
What a special day!

One thing I can tell you about Ella, is she is SUCH a happy baby in the morning!
EVERY morning she is all smiles, squeals and laughs.
One of my favorite parts of my day is waking up to her sweet smile!

Here's the big boss!
Love working with my baby girl.

One of my favorite pictures...
Cute BabyGap denim jacket, homemade bow and matching shoes from her Memere.

Ella spending time with her Gran-Memere in her pink tutu!
So sad she has outgrown the tutu. I think she wore it more than anything else!

Being silly with her kitty lovey.

Snoozing with dad in the recliners!

Love the hair...

You know this kid is sleeping good when her arms go above her head.

Our snuggle bug on a cold day!

Matt and his Mini-Me. Even the hair matches.
Love these two SO much...

She loves snoozing with dad.

Ella on New Years Eve... her first trip antique-ing with her Mom, Memere and Gran-Memere.
Was a rough day for me.. I wasn't used to going out in public places with her much, and it was hard handling the feedings, diaper changes and spit ups! My mom could vouch for my irritability at times that day... thank you Mom and Memere for putting up with and helping me!

Our Christmas "Show Girl." I call this her show girl headband/bow. =)
This was her first Sunday at church wearing her cute santa sack outfit.
Her first Christmas (Daddy was at work) we went to the Gaylord Texan (Pelletier tradition) for their Christmas Day brunch... This year it was me, Ella, my parents and Memere.
We took a four generation picture. Ella is three weeks old here.
This is her "ho ho ho" picture from Christmas Eve.
My Christmas girl!
Bow and leggings courtesy of her Nana and MudPie outfit and red sparkly socks from her first cousin, Amy. Believe it or not, when we went to the Gaylor, one man referred to her as "he" with the big red glittery bow and everything... funny.

Congratulations!! You made it to the end!
I just composed five months of blogs into one!!
I consider myself caught up! =)

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Dina said...

Cute little thing! Now you have to KEEP blogging. Don't wait until she's a year old for your next post!