Thursday, September 15, 2011

Over the last four months...

Wow! Can't believe it's been four months since my last post...
I guess trying to keep up with my busy girl takes a lot of time!

A lot has happened over the last four months.
Let me catch you up...

For those who don't know, I am blessed to take my baby girl to work with me.
She had been napping in an antique iron bassinet that my parents had.

In case you were wondering... she outgrew it...
Ella took her first plane ride over Memorial Day.
We flew to Boston, and she did great!
Over Memorial Day weekend, she got to meet her Grampy (my Dad's Dad).

Summer time = swim time!
(although it was TOO hot to do much swimming this summer)
She enjoyed her floaty!
Swimming with Daddy! (so serious)
She turned six months old on June 1.
She was puny from her shots... =( poor baby
She did manage to perk up some for her six month photo shoot.

She turned six months and started eating cereal!
She LOVED her high chair! (now she tries to escape)
At six months, she also started sitting and playing on her own!
This made her super happy!
Following in Pepere's foot steps...
future brace fitter??
And now she's following in her Memere's foot steps...
Memere better get back to work, Ella might give us all raises!
Over the last four months, she also....

1. Discovered her toy bucket!

2. and TOYS!
3. And got caught red-handed... plenty of times, I might add.
4. Watched Praise Baby (her favorite) with her buddy...
6. And got her learners permit! (not really)

...and all those things REALLY wore her out...
...I mean REALLY wore her out...
BUT she still managed to make sure Mommy was up very early on Saturday...
Here's our little movie star!
I would hope she would go for green and gold, but she sure looked cute maroon...

She hung out at Nana and PaPa's...
...and played with fire trucks! (gotta love the mohawk)
And she went grocery shopping with Mom and Dad!
Definitely a Throne...
If you wonder why I haven't blogged much, just view this video...

And the BIGGEST thing over the last four months...
She turned NINE months on Sept. 1, got her FIRST tooth AND started WALKING!!
She's all over and into everything these days.

Here's the video of her first steps on her own...
(9 months and 3 days old)

In other news...

As we remembered 09/11 on the tenth anniversary, we gathered at the Renaissance tower in Dallas for the 9/11 Memorial Stair climb. Matt and 342 other firefighters climbed 110 stairs in honor of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on that day. Each firefighter was assigned a name of a man or woman that died that day, and a few of the guys actually wore the real helmets of the firefighters they climbed for. Each of these guys and gals trained for months in preparation for this day. It was quite inspirational.

Below is the group of Arlington Firefighters after their climb.
They actually climbed at the exact time the firefighters began climbing the towers on 9/11 .
Matt is second from the right.
We were sure proud of him!

Ella says "See y'all next time!"
Hopefully it won't be another four months...

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Fun

This past weekend we met Matt's family at Joe Pool Lake for the day.
Here's a picture of me and my sweet baby...
She went off-roading in her stroller... she slept through it.
Here is Ella and her PaPa.
...and her Nana

She enjoyed swinging...
...and sleeping in my arms.
Here she is in her Aggie outfit. She was VERY cute in it. Her daddy was proud.
on that note.........Sic 'em bears!!
Gotta stay true to my green and gold!
Here is Uncle Andy with Ella and cousin Grady.
"Hey.. those sunglasses look like fun!"
Love this kid...
Hat courtesy of her Memere.
Ralph Lauren dress courtesy of our friend Dina.
This kid is so silly... I keep finding her like this in the mornings.
She loves to wiggle around her crib and sleep in crazy positions.
This is a result of sleeping with her head crammed up against her bumper pad...
This is Ella's bed at work.
I came in the room to find her bear peeking over the side...
Where did the baby go??
Oh, there she is!
(another cute outfit courtesy of Dina)
I came in her room this morning to find her playing peekaboo with her bear.
Seriously, have you seen crazier hair??
What a kid!!

Good night all!

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