Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!!

So I'm a week behind on the "Show Us Where You Live" Friday...
Last week was show us your Living Room so I'm starting with those pics first!

Nala had to be in the picture!
This is Matt's favorite part... THE MANTLE
Yes, he claimed the mantle prior to our marriage.. that was a prerequisite ;)

What's super exciting is that it's now FALL!! Yay for Fall decorations!!

Okay... moving on.....
Probably one of my favorite rooms!

On Matt's side, he has the desk his grandfather (his mom's dad) built in shop class in high school.
It's super special!

I love our high ceiling with the beam! As you can see, we have a "window" from our bedroom to the master bathroom. I purchased an antique window to display up there.

I'm so proud of my "L T" pillow.. my initials!
Always love to find those special things!

Here is our display of some vintage firefighter stuff

Currently above Matt's chest of drawers is a mirror, but after rearranging some things in the house, I've decided to hang my bridal portrait there.

It's not hung yet, but here's an idea of what it will be like.

In other news.....
Matt is famous! ;) He went to his Arlington Local Union website and found his picture on there.
This picture was from a fire a couple years ago.
It made it in the newspaper and now it's on the union website!
See below... you can also go to

I will try to be better about blogging... can't wait to have my little Ella here to share with everyone! Only 10 more weeks (or less if you ask me what I really thing).
Happy Fall Y'all!!