Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New House Pics

Here are some pics of our new house... courtesy of Matt's parents. Thanks!
Our living room...
Matt's office...
Another view of Matt's office and his new tv...

Today, Matt started building our pond in the backyard so we can move our fish over from the old house. It looks great! He's such a talented and hard working husband!
Our puppy dog, Maverick. He's tired from all the pond digging. It seems like whenever Matt is outside working, it wears him out! =)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Matt!

We had a fun weekend! Matt's parents came in on Saturday and stayed the weekend. Matt's dad helped install our new dishwasher, while his mom and I did some shopping and ran some errands. We had a fun day! That morning I had suprised Matt with a new LCD tv for his bday, and his parents brought him a new home theatre system with surround sound speakers. He was so excited! Once they got it all hooked up, he pulled out Top Gun and blared it at 11pm. I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled, especially after our dog barked all day. ;)

Sunday was Matt's actual bday. After church we had everyone over for some good bbq and birthday pies. Matt's not a cake eater, so he requested a pumkin pie and buttermilk pie. They were yummy!

Matt and his birthday pies...
Andrew enjoyed the Happy Birthday song. I think he was trying to figure out if everyone was singing to him. He's so sweet.

Matt got some good presents from everyone! He's the fastest present opener! I think he just couldn't wait to see what else there was. I gave him a fireman birthday card that made a siren sound when you opened it... a very loud sound... Andrew loved it!

We were sad Memere and Paw Paw couldn't come! Matt loved his bookends and matching photo album! He went right in his office and found a place for them!
Thanks for everyone for coming! Sorry, I couldn't take more pictures of everyone. My camera doesn't take pics of people very well.. everyone comes out blurry! Hopefully we'll have a new camera pretty soon, especially since we have a blog now!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Official!

We now own TWO homes! Hopefully not for long! Here is a sneak peek!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow! What an eventful weekend! Matt worked a 48hr shift (Thursday-Friday) this weekend. On Friday, our Memere was taken to the ER after a violent reaction when she was having her port flushed out. She spent her Halloween evening undergoing lots of tests and scans and laying in a hospital bed... no fun! Thankfully, all her tests were clear, so she was able to leave the hospital that night. She will be undergoing more tests soon to make sure everything is still okay with her port. Memere, we love you and are praying for you! After we got home from the hospital that night, my mom and I continued our tradition of wrapping our Christmas presents. We ended up wrapping until 1:30 am that night! We were tired the next day!
Happy Belated Halloween to everyone. I've never been very excited about this particular holiday, since I've always hated dressing up and some people go so overboard with it all. I am glad however, that there are Church Fall Festivals now for all the kids. I enjoyed getting to see my neice and nephews in their costumes (well pics at least).. they were all so cute! Cute enough I had to post pics of them all!

Mr. Isaac was a pumpkin... the cutest pumkin EVER I might add!
Miss Kaitlin was a pink princess! She's such a beautiful girl! Lookout boys!
Mr. Andrew the Fireman! He loves playing fireman.. he sure makes a cute one too! We look forward to him taking after his Grandfather and Uncle! ;) Andrew loved all the candy!
Mr. Owen in his "First Halloween" outfit. He's soooo cute! He's getting so big so fast and we are sad we can't see him more often! He made a cute dinosaur for Halloween.
My honorary nephew.. Mr. Will. He went as a monkey! He's so cute! My friend, Heather, said that he kept getting so hot in his costume while out trick-or-treating. He had to keep stopping and taking juice breaks! He also enjoyed talking jibberish to all the nice people who answered their doors. He will be 2 in January.

On Saturday, Matt and I ran around taking care of some errands..nothing real eventful. We did have two people come see our house. We close on our NEW house TODAY!! yay! We appreciate everyone's continual prayers with everything. God has truly blessed us!
The "Life of Riley" as my mom says... On Saturday, every time I walked in our guest bedroom, there was Nala... She was literally there ALL day... I had to share these. Sorry to those of you who aren't animal lovers. ;) I don't have "real" kids yet.

On Sunday, I went with my parents and grandparents (Matt was working) to First Baptist Dallas to see Annie, my second cousin, get dedicated! The church was awesome and I loved their pastor! And of course, Annie was cute as a button! We had a lot of fun! After the service, we all gathered at Amy and Jordan's house for lunch and great company! We had a great time.. thanks for letting us share that special day with you!