Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day at the Fire Station

On Friday, Sean, Briley, & Colten got to visit Matt at the fire station. Here are some pics!

Friday, December 26, 2008


I can't believe it's already come and gone! Another fun, exciting, and hectic Christmas behind us!

Christmas Eve with the Pelletier-Yeats-Shipman Families!
The "Adult Table"
The "Kid Table" mom's new dining room table that will one day hold ALL of us!! This year it held the older "kids."

Saint Nick!

More decorations!

Notice Jackson sliding down the stairs in the background... I didn't notice until after I posted this... He's been caught red-handed! ;)

The Yeats family... all fifteen of them! Annie was very fascinated with her Papa J.

The Shipman bunch!
Joel, Julie, Colten, and the newest addition to the family, Addy! Colten prayed before we all opened presents.. it was the cutest thing ever! He's such a great kid! I also got to opportunity to "cuddle" with Miss Addy. She's very sweet a lovey!

Derek, Beth, and Santa Isaac.. he was so sweet in his reindeer bib and santa hat!

Me and Matt in front of our wedding trees!

Addy! She wasn't sure what to think about everything.
Mom and Memere hard at workin in the kitchen... Paw Paw was checking on the status of everything.
Sweet Santa Isaac!

Sad Santa Isaac!
Babies, babies everywhere! Matt peeking over to see whats going on. He had fun playing with the kids.

Paw Paw reading the Christmas story from the Bible... it's a tradition he does every year.
Everyone gathering for the Christmas story. Matt sat on the floor lined up with the kids.. it was very cute.
Baby line-up! Annie sure liked her cousin Addy. They met for the first time this year at Christmas. You can see Sharon's hands waiting to catch any tumbling over!

Derek, Beth and Isaac! What a smile from little Isaac!

Memere and Paw Paw! The ones that started it all! This family and our Christmas traditions! We love you!

On Christmas morning I gave the dogs their new stuffed dog that they love so much! It was a replacement for the ragged one. Here is Maverick posing with his new toy. He's such a good boy.

My sweet baby girl, Maddie and her "take-me-with-you" face.

Christmas Day we drove to Iredell to spend the day at Matt's parents' house for the Throne Family Christmas! We had lots of presents under the tree!
Santa Owen

Owen with his first stocking.

Owen and all his stocking goodies...
He's modeling his new boots from his grandma and grandpa!
Owen watching his grandparents open Christmas presents. Andy, Angela and their presents.
Owen helping me open my present.
Angela and Grandma showing Owen his new tractor book. He was pretty fascinated with the pictures and sounds.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you... Matt IS holding his nephew, Owen. And he did for a while!

Matt being silly with a box on his head...

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Thanks everyone for all the wonderful presents, food and time we shared together!