Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Most amazing night...

The last Stars game of the season... my last season as a season seat ticket holder (at least for now)... Marty Turco's last game with the Stars (my favorite)... Possibly the last time to see Mike Modano and Jere Lehtinen on the ice. This felt like a Stanley Cup game.. it was an amazing, awesome experience. Mid-game a standing ovation started for Modano, which brought him to tears. Matt would say "there's no crying in hockey." Hard to keep a dry eye after watching that! Marty had some great saves and got a win. Modano scored the goal to tie the game and also a goal in overtime. Lehtinen scored to win it. Just an incredible event! Couldn't of been played out any better! Goodbye Marty! Thanks for many great years!! Modano and Jere, we hope to see you back for one more year, but thanks for the memories!

Matt Hard at Work

Here is my wonderful husband hard at work! He spent the last two weeks in class for Officer training. He will be promoting to Driver some time this year although he's already been driving out of class. Once he promotes to Driver, he will spend some time riding out as Lieutenant as needed, so the class was to help get him prepared. These are some pictures from his class.

Matt is on the far right

Here he is on the far left

He's on the right getting geared up!

The Kids

So, it's been MONTHS since my last post and SO much as gone on. Too much to go back and post, so I'm just starting with the current. Here are some pics of my kids.. I LOVE them all and love to show off their cuteness....

Wild Maverick... He loves rollin over in hopes of a belly rub!
He sure looks like a crazy dog in this picture!
Maverick and Maddie are best buds! But like any two people or animals, they do have their conflicts. Here they are chewing on their bones... their favorite past time.

Nala! She runs the show...

Marty bird!!

And the newest of the bunch...
Baby Throne!!
Or "Blueberry" currently "Bean"
Estimated Arrival Date: December 5
(sorry for the blurry pic... it's all I've got!)