Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Happy baby!
Ella in her "e" bloomers!
What a kid!

"Mommy, what are you doing??"

So last week I ordered some things online from Kohls. One of which was the
"Little Glamour Gift Set" for Ella. I had a coupon and so I got it for a good price.
It has a little purse and even a BIG diamond ring! Very Cute...
Instead, when the shipment came, I got the "Fun to Fix Gift Set."
Instead of diamond rings and purses, we got tools! Go figure!
The glamour set was no longer in stock, so they sent me the others by mistake.
If it were possible, I'd think her daddy had some hand in this. ;-)
So now, Ella has her first set of tools! Ha!
Here she is playing with her saw... =)

In February, Matt and his crew at work had a CPR save.
This is a very rare occurence, but they were able to revive the man on the way to the hospital.

The first thing this man did after leaving the hospital was right the note below and stop by the fire department to thank those who saved his life.
A few weeks ago, Matt and the rest of Fire Dept crew and Ambulance crew
were recognized for their efforts is saving Mr. Harris' life.

Below is Mr. Harris and his wife with Matt (far right) and his lieutenant (next to him)
and the ambulance crew on the left.
Here they are receiving a "Life Saving Award" certificate given by Mr. Harris himself.
There was a news story by Channel 11, but I can't get it to upload =(
So proud of my husband for his hard work as well as all the other firefighters and paramedics in the world whose efforts have saved so many lives!

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