Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a busy month!

Happy birthday to me and mom! Yes, I know I'm a few weeks behind posting our bday party pics, but the week following our birthdays, we both got terribly ill! After a week in bed, a trip to carenow, antibiotics, and an extra couple weeks of a wheezy cough, I finally got over it. Then for the past couple weeks I have been playing catch-up at work, home, and we also had a Throne family garage sale in Stephenville one week.. and then a Pelletier family garage sale in Irving the next weekend. Crazy times!

Here are some pics from our birthday party... Andrew and Isaac had fun playing in all the tissue with their Derek and Matt...
Things sure get messy with kids around!

Matt has finally warmed up to Isaac. They enjoyed playing together at the garage sale.
Kaitlin and Isaac...They are like twins...

They love playing together...they are always fascinated with the toy the other one is playing with.

Here are all the exciting birthday presents! Thanks to everyone for all my wonderful presents! I love them all!
The pretty table and Tres leches cake (mmmmmmmmmmm!). Mom did a good job (as always) preparing for our bday meal. Unfortunately, she always has to help throw her own party! Love you, mom!

Grand-Memere and Isaac...she bought him a swimsuit and hat. Here he is modeling his hat.

He loves his new hat!

Please excuse the terrible sun-glare shining in.... here is Isaac and his Grand-Memere and Paw Paw. Thanks Memere and Paw Paw for coming to our party. We love you very much!

Here is Isaac and his Memere modeling her b-day iron bench.


Here is a pic I found from several weeks ago... Isaac came to visit us at the brace center.. and no he wasn't shipped to us.. he was just playing in the box =)

This past month was our last few Stars games for the season. Unfortunately, we did not make the playoffs this year.. it's bittersweet... I'm sad we can't go to more games, but it save us lots of money from playoff tickets!! Overall, it was an exciting season.. even though we had lots of games surrounded by crazy fans! We will have to start buying lottery tickets so we can have a suite or platinum seats!

This is one of my favorite places to be........

MARTY, MARTY, MARTY!!!! my favorite!!!

The past few weeks we have been working and planning on some new house projects. We are still loving our new house! Here is a picture of Nala looking out the window. She's so cute.

On Easter weekend we decided to tear out our closet and start over! Last week I had this vision of what we could do. We had lots of hanging rods, but we couldn't utilize them well and I just felt so crowded! So we decided to rip out the shelves (which wasn't much) and the rods and also painted. Then we bought some closet cabinets from Lowe's. We added a high rod for off-season clothes, so now on either side of the closet, we have two long rods. We both can reach the upper clothes, but for a short person, they might have to have a step stool. It's much roomier now. I iron in my closet so it helps that it's not so crowded.

Inside the cabinets we have room to stuff pants, more clothes, purses, etc. It's nice!

It's hard to tell a whole lot from the pics, so everyone will have to come see it soon! We LOVE our new closet and can't stop going in there!!
Our next project on the list is to redecorate our guest bath. I painted and decorated it just like our last house, but I just don't like it here. So, I'm going to re-paint and go a whole new theme! I can't wait! Maybe this weekend between my two baby showers I will get a chance to work on it! Check back for pics!

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Beth said...

Hey Lauren, I enjoyed all the pictures. Your closet looks great. You also did a great job on the Brace Center website. I think it's really neat that you and Matt enjoy going to the Star's games together. Isaac and Kaitlin really do seem like twins. We love our babies! Thanks for all your help with the garage sale. See you soon! Love Beth