Monday, April 27, 2009

Throne Camping Trip '09

On our way to Fairfield for our camping trip, we had to detour through Arlington to stop by the fire station, so we got to see the Cowboy's stadium.... VERY impressive if you haven't been out there. Here we are inside the camper. Matt's parents got a new one this past year. It's very nice! Owen is chillin with his Uncle Matt.

Here is Owen and his grandma and grandpa.. getting ready for a hike!

Andy and Owen on the hike.

After our hike we walked down to the lake for some 10 mins of fishing... then the guys got bored.

Owen loved swimming, or well crawling, in the lake...
He was a quick one!

Owen loved the sand and seaweed!


Courtney said...

Lauren I don't see you as the camping type at all! :) You learn something new every day! Hope you had fun!

Beth said...

Great pictures. It made me want to go on a hike somewhere. Owen is such a cutie.