Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs!

On Saturday night, Andrew spent the night with my parents. For Sunday lunch we went out to eat and he got a balloon...not just any balloon, a GREEN one! He was soooo excited! He accidentally let it go at my parents house.. we thought it was a goner since they have 20 foot ceilings, but Pepere and the broom came to the rescue! I love my nephew... he's super cute!!

Frogs, frogs and MORE frogs!! and hopefully NO more! As much as I love these little guys (sorry, Courtney, but I do like frogs) I do not like them in my pond mating! We started out with one swimming around occasionally and enjoyed it, but now she has called all her friends. Their time there has now ended. Saturday night they kept us up croaking all night long...then Sunday morning before church, I found 5 in the pond... two couples mating. So I scooped them out into a bucket and after church my parents, Andrew and I went to Chisholm Park for the releasing. They had already laid hundreds of tiny eggs in the bucket.

This morning, I went out to feed the fish and dogs and I found two MORE frogs mating in the pond (this makes 7). Unfortunately, they had already laid their eggs all over our pond. With a stick and a scoop I gathered what I could.. I'm sure there are a few survivors floating around, but I got the worst of them. For those of you that don't know, hundreds of frog eggs become hundreds of tadpoles that become LOTS of frogs that will keep coming back to your pond to mate... this is why it is NOT a good thing. On my way to work I took these two frogs to Chisholm too. You can see some eggs in the pic... they look like this -----> ............................. And they actually connect like that in VERY long strings.

Here is they are released back into the wild. =) Ribbit

Today is the animal blog..... (okay, I've always been a fan of "...." now all I think of are frog eggs!) here is a cute pic of my "drama queen" sleeping... I can hear her now, "Will someone pleeeeeeeease turn off the sun! I'm trying to sleep here!!"

Puppy dogs!!! Here's my beautiful Maddie! Don't believe those eyes...she can be a stinker!

They love their bones! All we need are two bones and two stuffed dogs and they are happy. They won't play with anything else.

Here they are... Mav's legs look extra short in this picture. We had an electrician come a few days ago to hang our outdoor fan. After a while, he finally asked Matt what kind of dog he was... no one can figure it out... Maverick is what happens when a bassett hound mixes with a shepherd. He sure is cute! I'm going to start telling everyone he's some fancy new breed! ;)


Dina said...

You are so brave to touch frogs! I am too much of a sissy.

Your dogs are so cute. The black one looks just like a foot stool! Oh, and the cat's cute too. I don't want to discriminate.

Courtney said...

Okay, I just about gagged when I saw those "f" word pics!! You should give us some warning! LOL! Love you!

Angie Yeats said...

lol...lol...lol........... Don't you love froggy ponds!!!! :o)