Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Weekend! This is a long blog...

This weekend Andrew got to stay with my parents, which also meant I got to see a lot of him!! My mom picked him up Friday afternoon and my Dad and I met them at Cracker Barrell for dinner. Here he is when we drove up... he had my mom's sunglasses on upside down.. he looked like a bug!
Here we are at Cracker Barrell... Mom helping Andrew color..

After dinner we went to visit Matt at the fire station. He had to swing out to a different station, but Andrew still got a tour of the fire trucks. It was starting to get dark, so the lighting for pictures was kinda rough.

Is this not the cutest kid???

Here he is sitting in the drivers seat... He looks so little in the big fire truck!!

Andrew with his Uncle Matt & Pepere. I had problems getting him to smile at the right time in this one... he looks a little grumpy... ;)

Here is Matt showing them a video of the apartment fire they had that day.

Andrew jumped up in the lieutenant's seat.. he put on Jeff's sunglasses and said "I'm a fireman!!" So cute...
In this picture, Matt had the lights going on the truck for Andrew to see...

I loved this one.... he grabbed the headset, put them on his ears, and adjusted the mouthpiece... looks like someone has been playing with his daddy's pilot headset! He knew just what to do.. He's a born pilot and fireman.... It was funny, at dinner he said " I be 'piyot' I be fireman, I be what I be!" So cute.
After a busy night he got to crash in his new 'old' toddler bed his Memere bought... here he is posing...

Don't forget the bedtime story! His memere read him a Kyle's favorite bedtime story from "Under the Tagalong Tree."

On Saturday, my parents, Matt and I took Andrew to the Dallas Aquarium.. he was a little young for that place though. There was too much going on for a 2 3/4 yr old! Here he is on the way.. he was wearing Pepere's glasses this time.

We tried to get him to take a picture with the shark statue, but he was being a little grumpy as seen below ;) That little stinker..

Here were Matt's favorite animals at the aquarium.... (Just kidding) He kept saying he was going to get a shovel and come back and "take care" of these.
Owls!! They were trying to sleep and did not enjoy my camera flash..

Look at these crazy creatures we saw!

Here was my favorite.. the cheetah! I love big kitties and wanted to take him home!! He kept moving so I couldn't get a decent pic of him...

After the Aquarium, we walked down the street to Spaghetti Warehouse. Afterwards, he saw the giant dinosaur statue and was fascinated with him! He had to go see him up close and pet him. He hated to leave the dinosaur behind!

Saturday night we had our friends over for a game night. Since it was the day before my birthday, Heather ordered a cake for me. So nice of her!! Thanks, Heather!

On Sunday, my parents took us (and Andrew) to Saltgrass for my Bday lunch. Here is a pic of Matt and I (looking pretty tired).

Here is another pic of us (with sun grins this time)... I'm wearing the dress Memere gave me for my bday. I love it! I also got to wear the necklace she gave me a few years ago.. it matched perfectly! Thanks, Memere!

I had a great bday weekend! Our big party is on Wednesday!


Beth said...

Great post. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of Andrew having fun at the fire station. What a fun birthday weekend. You did a little bit of everything! Pretty dress. Can't wait to celebrate with you tonight. One more thing-you are such an animal lover. When I see Cheetah I think run, you think take him home :)

Angie Yeats said...

We went to the aquarium when we were adopting was our first outing with him. VERY FUN!!! I love all the pics and miss you guys so much! Hope you had a great birthday! :o)

Julie Yeats said...

I loved all your pictures! It doesn't make you seem so far away. Glad you had a great b-day! Miss you guys!

Dina said...

Happy belated birthday! Love the cake and the dress!