Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Couch!

Things sure do happen fast around here....
Last week I started thinking to myself about getting a new couch. Our old couch is very comfy, but we just don't use it any more. Now that we moved, we watch tv and lounge in Matt's office/tv room on the new comfy double recliner couch. Our old leather couch holds the occasional guest and more often our laundry that is waiting to be folded. It's not really made for the slip cover I insist on using, so I'm constantly fighting trying to keep it on and looking right. A feather could fall on it and it would wrinkle...very annoying. I didn't see the point in suffering any longer.
Here is a pic of the old couch...

On the way home from the camping trip we stopped by a local furniture outlet (I was very anxious). It turned out that there were 5 big furniture stores just right across the street from eachother. We made a quick trip into each of them, but I was very disappointed with what I found.... everything is dark wood and dark leather, either tuscany or western. What about us cottage/shabby chic folks?? We went to the Stacy Furniture outlet, Ashley furniture, The Roomstore, Rooms to Go, AND the DUMP! There was only one that I remotely liked, but it didn't match our other couch.

I started the internet search this week. I even looked into ordering one that matched our other couch, but Hickory Hill went out of business 6 months ago... very depressing! Finally, I ran across Haverty's online. I figured they were the only ones in the area left to try. Sure enough, on their website I found just what I wanted!! It gets even better........ I listed our old couch on craigslist in the morning and within an hour I already had a call and it was picked it up by 7:00 pm! We decided to run to Haverty's to look around....we get there at 7:45 and when we walked in, a man greeted us by saying they close in 15 minutes.. he went on to tell us it was the last night for a storewide 15% coupon. I ran right over to "my" couch and we both loved it! Matt probably wouldn't use the word "love" but he did like it. ;) We saved $120 with the coupon and got $125 for our old couch, so we were very happy!

Here is my new red check gingham couch!! I do not like the pink paisley pillows... I will be using my Laura Ashley pilllows that Derek and Beth gave us for a wedding gift. They will make this couch look even better! Right now you will have to look at the pic of the old couch and imagine those pillows on the couch below... We should have the new couch by this weekend.

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