Monday, May 4, 2009

Home Projects

We finally got some home projects completed that we have been planning on doing for a while..

Here's the first one..... I wanted to remodel or more "redecorate" our guest bathroom. We painted the cabinets, replaced the countertop and sink, and painted the walls. I love my faucet.. it's very antique looking! Goes good with my little antique soap dish and the yummy smelling soap that Matt's parents gave me.

My antique mirror....

On Saturday, we picked up our new couch. Thanks to our neighbor for helping bring it in. It was heavier than I could handle! I love it with the pillows from Beth and Derek. It also looks great with my birthday curtains.

I finally painted and hung my shutters in the living room. At the old house we had painted them white and they were in our guestroom around the window. In this house, they didn't work around any of the windows since they were so long. I also wanted them where I could enjoy them more! So now they hang in the living room.

My letters! I bought Beth and Derek a "P" for Christmas. When I was at there house I thought it looked so cute that I had to have some for our house! They hang above Matt's office. (this was the project when the hammer fell and bounced off my head and hit me in the nose.. and it was my own fault).
And last but certainly not least... I've been wanting to hang a shelf in my dining room for my collection of teapots. The shelf is 6 feet long and it's already full! I might add in some other things on the shelf, but for now I just set everything up there (this project was done about 12am).

That's all for now, but I'm sure it won't be long before our next project. Actually, our next project is new countertops and sinks in our master bath. Check back soon! =)


Beth said...

Lauren, everything looks wonderful. You and Matt have an amazing talent for home renovations in record time. I especially love your new couch and what you did with your teapots. I am thinking about getting Beth a letter "S" for her wedding since I like my "P" so much. It's funny b.c her new last name is still an S. See you soon!

Dina said...

You have been busy sister! I LOVE the new couch and I can't wait to see what you do next!