Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Friday!

This is very exciting! It's my first week to join Kelly's Korner ( for the "Show Us Where You Live FRIDAY." Every week you get to see and share pictures of different rooms. This week was the DINING ROOM. Last week was GUEST ROOM so of course I had to catch up on it too!

Here's our dining room! My dining room table I got from my parents several months ago. They were getting a new one, so I bought there old one. It's fun because it's the one I grew up with!

I love our high ceilings and the beam!

Here is my valance... my mom bought these for me for Christmas... I LOVE them! I'm thinking about getting some of the fabric for my seat cushions.

I LOVE my teapot collection! We just put this shelf up a couple weeks ago, and haven't quite perfected it just how I want it, but here it is!

Here's my corner cabinet from Waxahachie.

And our wedding cake topper! It is displayed in my corner cabinet. It's a firefighter holding a bride and I LOVE it! It's made of crystal and has silver detail.

Our collection of calendar plates. Matt's are the top row (1983). Mine are on the bottom (1984). I always thought it was funny that one of his plates is a dinosaur plate and mine is puppy dogs... very appropriate and very cute.

My hutch came from G0lightly's and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I recently bought the decorative piece sitting on top and just haven't hung it yet.

Here is my China...

I missed last Friday, but I still had to show my guest rooms! This is my favorite bed. I found it at Shabbytiques in Waco right before I graduated from BU... my mom bought it for me and gave it to me for my birthday that year. I love this room because it's extra girly and fun! This is where all "my" furniture went after we got married. Matt's went to his office, but he'd say I've slowly gotten rid of all his stuff now ;)

My collection of L's. I have many more, but haven't hung them up yet.

Thanks, Mom for making my window valance!

This is where my diploma hangs... sic em bears!

Here is the stain glass window my mom gave me for my birthday (I sure am blessed to have a mom with such great taste!) I haven't hung it yet either... it's a pink flower.

Here is my old computer desk. I moved my computer and I'm in the process of craigslisting this desk... so if anyone is interested let me know!

Our other "guest" room is really a random room right now. It's more of a workout room with a bed... we have an elliptical machine and a shabby locker for our weights, etc.

This locker came from Golightly's.

This is my old twin bed. I haven't decided the decorating theme I want yet, so it's just an empty mattress. One day this room will be cute, and when it is, I will be sure to share the pics!

We recently redecorated our bathroom and I just got the shower curtain and towel bar put up. I had to put pics so my family could see!

That's all! We are headed to Boston for the weekend to be with family. Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


annalee said...

your dining room valance is fabulous! and those are some of the prettiest and unique dishes ever.

Tara G. said...

The dining room is so cute! What a unique idea for the shelves! And the black and white china is just fun!

Angie Yeats said...

Have a safe trip! Cute...Cute...Cute!!!