Monday, March 16, 2009


Since we moved in, we have been waiting to do some work in our flower beds, and on Sunday we finally did! I bought a park bench to go out beneath our tree and we tore out some bushes, moved some bushes around, and planted three crepe myrtles and some flowers. It was a muddy day (see from our clothes) after all the rain we had the past several days. At least it was nice weather! Now we just have to pray there isn't another freeze! Nala enjoyed watching us....

The BEFORE picture from when we moved in.... notice the overgrown tree on the right and the ugly bush on the left (which was very sharp.. we both have some battle wounds)... This picture doesn't show all of the flowerbeds, but believe me, they were very overgrown and random! We counted six different kinds of shrubs/bushes along the front of the house! We got rid of some and moved others.
The AFTER pics.....

We trimmed up the bushes on the left in front of the window. They have pink blooms and are very pretty, but were overgrown! We also moved around the bushes that you now see on either side of the tree. We planted a couple mums there in front as well as some flowers.

The ugly sharp, spanish bush was in the middle of all the stone... now the stone just leads up to the bench. We planted some flowers all around there.

It's hard to see the crepe myrtles because they aren't in bloom yet, but they are there, trust me!

In this pic, you can see the new fence/gate we rebuilt and stained a few weeks ago. Matt also trimmed up the honeysuckle, which looks much better. The big bush on the right (in front of the AC unit) was where the crepe myrtles are now. Also, the little bush by the fence was one we moved.
Our big bradford pear tree is in bloom.

We can't believe we did it all in one day, but we sure were tired! Matt was sore from all the digging up of bushes and the digging of holes. As for me, I took a rock to the knee cap (it ricochet off a bucket directly hitting my knee cap.. it sent me to the ground and brought tears to my eyes).. I also fell in a hole of muddy water. We also had to deal with our whiny dogs looking through the fence at us! We are glad we got it done though!


Tricia said...

Hey Lauren. I do remember you but we'll have to meet again in a smaller setting for it to really stick. That was a big group of strangers! My email address is my first and last name, no spaces, at me an email if you would. Thanks for checking out my blog : )

Beth said...

Lauren, your yard looks superb! Your dirty work payed off. I didn't know working in the yard could be so dangerous. Haha. We're looking forward to celebrating your birthday soon.

Courtney said...

Can Matt come help Kyle with our yard, now? You guys did a great job and looks really good!