Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What a fun Thanksgiving! We had lots of good food, and so did Nala! She got a special Thanksgiving kitty meal... not that she needs any more food, but I do love to spoil!

...And Nala taking her Thanksgiving nap. That eating wore her out!

On Thursday, we spent the day at my parents house for the Pelletier-Yeats-Shipman Thanksgiving. We had 16 adults, THREE babies, and FOUR kids ages 2-4. It was a full house! Christmas will be even more people! It's so fun! Mom and Memere made all the food, which was delicious as always! Thanks Mom and Memere for all your hard work year after year!

All the guys enjoyed playing as always... this year it was Rock Band! The poor guys had to move to the garage with all the napping kids.

And here are the three sweet babies we got to play with! First up is Annie, my second cousin. She was super cute in her brown sweater dress and striped stockings! It was the first time I ever got to just sit and play with her.. we had fun!

And here is Miss Kaitlin! She was soooo pretty in pink that day!

And Mr. Isaac. He was in the garage watching his daddy sing!

Here are some pics of me and Jackson! He loved the camera! He's such a sweet boy.On Friday, we spent the day in Iredell with the Throne family. We had a Mexican food day! We had yummy Turkey enchiladas! We also had four pies to share among the six of us.. you can imagine how good that was! =)

Here is the picture of the festive turkey hanger we gave Matt's mom for her Bday. I thought it was so cute, I had to take a picture! You can also see the wondeful fall-looking trees in the background!

After our big meal, we decided to go for a walk. Matt and I also loaded up lots of rock to put around our pond.

Here is Andy and Owen. Notice Owen's cute shoes!

Here is Owen in his cute snowflake onesie! He was a sweet boy!

Here is my buddy George. He's a Nala look-alike! (except much thinner)It's now Christmas time! The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas lights and our Christmas trees!

Matt has a firefighter themed tree in his office.

And here is our other tree..
Nala enjoyed all the Christmas decorations. Here she is playing in the tissue from our ornaments... she also pooped in the tissue and peed under one of the christmas trees. She gets confused at this time of year.. she sees trees and thinks she outside. We had to hurry and wash the tree skirt and put presents underneath so she wouldn't get too carried away! Silly cat! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did!

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Beth said...

Hey Lauren. I really enjoyed your post. Both your tree's look so pretty with all the lights and presents underneath. I got a chuckle out of Nala doing her business underneath the Christmas tree. Isaac is up from his nap. It was short one unfortunately :)
Love ya!