Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

Friday the 12th was my Dad's 60th Bday. That night the two of us went to the Stars vs Redwings game. We celebrated a big win for his bday! On Saturday we had everyone over to our house for the big party. We had a great time!
Here is our "new" dining room table. My parents bought a new one, so we bought their old one! It looks so great in our dining room! We got to use our Christmas plates for the party.

Isaac and his Grand-Memere...

Andrew helped his Pepere open his gifts.

Dad's "Breast Pump"... and no, he didn't get a breast pump, my brother just has a creative way of wrapping! It made for a good laugh.
The Birthday Cake! yum!

Andrew likes to help his Pepere... well everyone... blow out their candles on their birthday. He's so cute.

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