Monday, December 22, 2008

Annual Pelletier Christmas Party

On Sunday we had our annual Pelletier Christmas party. We usually just get together for dinner, but this year we decided to open most of our presents to "lighten the load" on Christmas Eve. Now that the "kids" are having "kids" our group is bigger than ever! We had lots of good food and good presents!

Below is Matt playing with our new camera.
Below is the aftermath of the Pelletier C-mas party. I didn't have my camera in time to take the pretty before pictures.

After dinner and presents we drove to Highland Park in Dallas for a carriage ride "Tour of Lights." Here we are in the car.... I must admit, the drive over was very hectic trying to coordinate three cars, ten people, one 2 yr old, and two 6 month olds, BUT we survived and had a great time!! And yes, it was VERY cold out!

Here is our carriage and our two horses, Mork & Mindy.

Andrew sat with his Memere and Pepere the whole time. He had such a fun time!

Andrew loves his Memere very much! They are buds!
Memere & Paw Paw...
Derek & Beth...

Courtney & Kyle...
and the lights of Highland Park!

The house below had TWENTY FOUR windows, with TWENTY FOUR wreaths!

The next picture came out blurry, but I loved the three trees together.

Check back in a few days for C-mas Eve and C-mas Day pics! Have a Merry Christmas!

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