Monday, October 12, 2009

Raiderette Reunion and Fall Decorations

Happy 50th Anniversary, Raiderettes!!

This past week was L.D. Bell's Homecoming and the 50th Anniversary of the Raiderettes.
As tradition, the alumni Rettes got to perform at half time with the current team.
We had some long practices, but it was a fun experience dancing with Rettes of all ages.

Here is our performance video.

There were about 150 alumni that performed (see us in the back)

Me and Jennifer

Jen, Me & Mallory

Matt got to experience his first high school football game from the stands. He always been on the sidelines. This was also a much bigger venue than he was used to for high school football.
He didn't even know what a drill team was.... so sad if you ask me. ;)

Go Blue Raiders!

They actually won!

Now to reminisce...

Here was the first time I put on my uniform.... almost 10 years ago (I feel so old!)

Here I am.. my first year as a Raiderette.

My senior year with Dorinda. I sure miss those days!

Here is how I found my kitty yesterday... my krazy kat.

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Here are my new friends...

Fall Decorations...

And you can't forget the candy corn and peeps!

Three days of soffit work has turned into two weeks with all the rain.
It's becoming a real drag especially with our dogs.
Hopefully the humidity and rain will clear off for a few days so they can paint.
Check back next week.. hopefully by then we will have our new soffit pics!

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