Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Friday!

This is the view I had when I left work last night. Beautiful clouds! We even saw a rainbow!

Braggin on my "kids"... here's my "fat cat" although I like to call her "curvy" like her Mama

Sweet Maverick boy... HYPER Maverick boy... where did I get him from? Well, that's a dumb question.. I got him from the pound and I know why he was there.. but I still loooove him!

Pretty Maddie!

Here she is keeping watch of the yard. The other morning we had an armadillo in the back yard.
So far, we've had possums, armadillo, mice, lizards, lots and lots of frogs, snakes..
I'm scared to ask what's next... (skunk?? we pray not)

Now time to brag on the nephew... here is in the the toy bin at my parents house. He always wants "more, more" toys, so my mom just put him in the bucket and he was happy. =)

Pepere reading to his little buddy. Isaac is a Pepere's boy for sure!

And here is cute Kaitlin with her new baby.. she loves it!
She looks cute in the pink car seat we gave her.

Here is Owen riding the lion we gave him for his bday last month. So cute!
Check back next week for house pics.. new soffitt and NEW FRONT DOOR.. yay! So exciting.. except for the fact we are having to spend money, but we are getting top of the line for a GREAT price!

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