Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Master Bathroom

Matt was a busy boy this weekend! Notice I said "Matt" instead of "we." He does all the work, but I'm a good helper if I do say so myself! This project we actually remembered to take a before picture....



We did forget to take a before pic of the tub. It had the same cream marble that the countertop was. Matt ripped that out, built a new step and tiled it all! What a good boy!
This is hard to see, but here is my new ceiling fan!! I LOVE having a ceiling fan in our bathroom!
Other than some touch up painting, we are finished with the master bathroom project. Matt did such a great job! I'm very impressed with all his hidden talents!

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The Throne Family said...

Wow, Matt is quite handy! Can he come to our house for about a week? I have some projects he can help his brother with! ;)