Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaitlin and Andrew!

What an exciting weekend! Saturday morning we went to Burleson to celebrate Kaitlin's 1st Birthday! She's growing so fast!
She loved her presents... Isaac did too!
...and so did Andrew!

After Kaitlin's party we headed to Iredell to spend some time with Matt's parents. They were babysitting Owen. Matt and Jack had some trees to cut down... here is Owen peeking over trying to watch them. He LOVES being outside and he LOVES his Grandpa!
Rusty relaxin on a hot day!
Here is Matt chainsawing some trees!
Owen and I watching... and making sure no one kills themselves...

What a pair...

On Sunday we left Iredell and headed back to Burleson for Andrew's 3rd Birthday party.
For some reason, I really got a kick out of the buzzlightyear with a bow on his head holding a balloon...
Andrew loved wrestling with the blow-up spider man that his Memere and Pepere gave him.
He also loved his Lightnight McQueen blanket from his Nana and PaPa.

It was a busy but fun weekend! Tonight we have Kyle and PawPaw's birthday! Check back for more pictures!

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