Friday, October 15, 2010

Office, Kitchen AND Dining Room.. playing catchup!

This week is "Show us your OFFICE"

I missed the last two weeks so I included them below. =)

This is Matt's Office and also our lounge room.
You can also call it our "Firefighter Room." You will see why!
This is where we sit and watch tv, movies and even eat dinner most nights!
When Matt is off work, he's usually in here playing computer games.

This is our double recliner where we lounge...very comfy!
Most of the time, Matt is on his computer and I'm taking up the whole couch!
Above that are framed pictures of vintage fire department photos from cities all over.
Here is some of his fire truck collection.

Here is his letter of commendation from work.
He helped save pregnant woman who was trapped in her car.
Because of his quick actions, she survived, but unfortunately her baby later died at the hospital.

What was convenient was that when we moved, this room was already painted red.
Goes perfect with Matt's fire stuff!
Here are his shelves full of books and collectible stuff!

Above the TV are all pictures of calls Matt went on at work.

And since we are on Matt and his fire stuff...
Last night was his promotional ceremony. He recently promoted to Apparatus Operator/Engineer.. on other words, he now drives the fire truck.
In the Fire Dept world you start out as a firefighter and promote to Driver then Lieutenant then Captain and Chiefs and so on. Here is a picture of us from last night (even baby Ella aka my tummy snuck in a picture.. I think it's her first)

Last week was "Show us your KITCHEN"
Our pantry

I love vintage kitchen things! I display them above my cabinets.

This is our "eating area." Off of this room is our garage and laundry room.

My octagon table was a wonderful find in Waxahachie.My old church pew and stained glass window.
My puppy salt and pepper shakers.
They match our dogs Maverick & Maddie. =)
Our handblown glass cake topper from our wedding.
It's a firefighter carrying his bride.

And the week before that was "Show us your DINING ROOM"

Fall Decorations!I took window panels that matched my valances to cover my chair cushions so they match.
My collection of teapots... my shelf is still a work in progress.
I hope to place some up on blocks so they can all be displayed better.
Also plan on hanging the silverware picture and iron fork/spoon that are currently just resting.
Our collection of calendar plates.
Matt's birth year was 1983.. his are the top row.
My birth year was 1984.. mine are on the bottom.
My china cabinet is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.
Came from Golightly's!

This picture shows our high ceiling.

That's all folks!!
Have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to my baby shower tomorrow! yay!


Trac~ said...

I love your entire house - it's so beautiful! Congrats on your baby and enjoy your shower tomorrow. :o)

Janet said...

I love your red office, and how personal the collections are. You must love spending time in there!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Very nice...

Miranda said...

OH MY GOODNESS - I'm in love with your decorating style! SO SO SO NICE!!:-)