Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's brag time....

Okay, it's brag time!! I just had to post that I've got the CUTEST and SWEETEST nieces and nephews!!
Gracie and her new hairbow!! Such a sweet little face... I could eat her up!!

Owen in his camping chair... ALWAYS smiling! What a cute kid!

Isaac has the cutest cheeks ever! I love that munchkin!

Now look at this gorgeous little girl! Kaitlin has more hair than I do!
Such a little model!

Now here is Kyle's "mini-me." Andrew is such a good kid!
I love his sweet heart and his cute red hair!


Beth said...

Aaaaw that was sweet Lauren. Can't wait to see your's added to the mix :) I discovered that Kid to Kid has more hairbows than I could ever dream of (may be important if you have a girl :))

Dina said...

You are going to give them a really cute cousin!

Kyle said...

I love my kids!