Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a busy Valentine's weekend we had! As you can see below, we did a lot of work in our backyard. On Saturday, we bought a Red Oak tree (about 10 ft tall) and planted in our backyard. We called it our "love fern" since we bought it on Valentine's. If you haven't seen the movie "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" you wouldn't understand. We were also really excited that we got a $300 tree for $80 dollars! The Plant Shed was having a huge tree sale!
Maddie and the Red Oak

On Sunday, we had to completely replace our gate and fence that blew down in the windy storm the past week. We were barely finished with it before sundown since we couldn't start until later in the afternoon. Matt did such a good job! I was the supply/water girl!

Here is a picture of the walkway to our pond. We did it last weekend and set our bench and planters out. These are the planters Memere bought for us to go out in front of our old house. Their isn't room by our new front door for both, so we thought they'd be nice by our bench! Thanks, Memere!

Matt built the waterfall last week, and we finally have some plants around the pond. All the stone around our pond and our walkway is stone we brought home from Matt's parents' land. That makes it extra special!

Here are some pictures of the "kids." The past few days, we've struggled with Maddie at night. We think she might of gotten out when the fence fell and got a taste of freedom. Now every night she yelps out and whimpers next to the gate like she's been left and forgotten. She now sees that there is a big world out there and that she is locked up behind bars! The past few night we had to put her in the garage. Hopefully she will get out of this phase and SOON. Who would've though that Maverick would become the "good dog." Maddie never made a peep!

Here they are drinking out of the pond. We tried putting a little wire fence around, but they would bend it trying to get in! Oh well, we'll just let them drink!

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Beth said...

Your house and yard look great! I am very impressed by the two of you. Will have to steal some tips. Our pond is a disaster. Little Owen is so cute. I agree, that he looks like Matt's mom.